Out of the Box

A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.   J. R. R. Tolkien 

Living in the same house for 20 years might confine me to a box, you might say.  A house is a box shape after all.  But it's actually given me the freedom to enjoy and embrace an older house with all of its quirkiness, outdated bathrooms and many repair jobs yet to be done.  I live on only one acre, in a neighborhood out in the country,  but we raise chickens and keep bees.  I have a small garden, and an herb and loosely managed flower garden too.  Homeschooling my children for the past 20 some years and being of the creative nature, I have enjoyed living outside the box to a certain degree.  Now as the economy has worsened, we've reined in our spending and have looked at other ways to save money.  Like shopping at Goodwill or Save a Lot... 

When I made the decision to stop shopping at our local Walmart, I decided to start this blog to document my journey.  Many times I have thought of running to Walmart to pick up some bread or fabric or dog food. It a hard habit to break, but I am determined.  I want to shop USA made, small businesses, and local farms.  I want to know where my spinach comes from, not that it was tripled washed in some factory.  

Here are a few things I do know:
1. I have a limited budget,
2. I live on one acre of land.
3. We are 35 minutes from the big city.
4. I and one of my daughters have to eat GF.
5. I want to eat all organic.
6.  Home made is best.
7. I won't let my family go hungry.

So here begins my adventure.  Letters out of the box...

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